Safety Hi-Tech Europe Srl


How we are

Safety Hi-Tech Europe SRL (SHTE®) is a customer-focused supplier of advanced solutions for fire suppression and presents itself as one of the leading experts in “in-kind” alternative technologies to Halons for Clean Agent Fire Protection. With almost 30 years of market presence and experience, SHTE®’s Fire Extinguishing Agents and Fire Suppression Systems gained the acceptance and the recognition from the leading international environmental and approval authorities.  


SHTE® distribute its UL Listed Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems and UL Recognized Approved Fire Suppressants through a network of authorized distributors with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Audited Alternate Manufacturing Locations (UL AML).

I 30 anni di SHTE con scritte

SHTE® is committed to supply Products and Systems that comply to the highest environmental and technical standards to meet the Customers’ total satisfaction.

SHTE® has adopted an integrated management system that fulfills the economic and social requirements of all the stakeholders through a “Total Quality Vision” that includes all the key performances of the company: product safety, work safety, overall environmental impact, external information, and ethics. SHTE® has been continuously ISO 9001 certified, being the quality and safety of our products and systems a strict requirement. SHTE® carries out inspections upon receiving raw materials and during the production processes.


The properties of our extinguishing agents are tested through chemical analysis and the quality of the extinguishing system components is demonstrated by functional tests. The performances of our products, system components and software programs used for system design are also certi­fied by internationally recognized independent laboratories, thus ensuring that the complete system is reliable and safe.