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UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions, offering the following services: Certification, Auditing, Inspection, Training, Service Bundles, Software, Testing, and Validation.

Around the world, UL delivers expertise and leadership through three strategic business units. These unique businesses cover the full spectrum of safety for the evolving needs of customers, from health and risk to environments and innovation

UL provides expertise across three strategic businesses to promote safe living and working environments around the world. These distinct UL businesses work closely with industries, authorities and customers to keep safety ahead of innovation in an evolving global landscape.

UL Listed NAF® S 125, NAF® S 227 and NAF® S 1230 Fire Extinguishing Systems meet or exceed the requirements of UL 2166 Standard for Halocarbon Clean Agent Extinguishing System Units (UL file no. Ex6264). These requirements cover the construction and operation of halocarbon clean agent fire extinguishing systems intended to be installed, inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with the Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems, NFPA 2001.

The UL Listing of Halocarbon Clean Agent Extinguishing System Units include:
• Agent testing to determine the extinguishing concentrations.
• Nozzle area coverage to determine the maximum coverage of nozzles, the minimum average nozzle pressure and the minimum working temperature of the system.
• Validation of flow calculation method to validate the accuracy of the flow calculation program, which is one of the most critical aspects of systems design.
• System Hardware testing to test the reliability of each component (valves, hoses, cylinders, check valves, actuators, nozzles, etc.).
• Agent Component Recognition to confirm the quality and origin of the extinguishing agent.
• Review of manuals to verify the information and data contained in the design and installation manuals to make that systems are properly designed and installed.

In addition to full system approval (UL File no. Ex6264) NAF® S 125, NAF® S 227 and NAF® S 1230 Fire Extinguishing Agents are UL Recognized Components for Clean Agents Fire Extinguishing Units (UL file no. Ex5694).

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