Halon Decomissioning

The once most common and effective fire-extinguishing agent has turned into one of the major destroyer of the stratospheric ozone shield, the screen that filters out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and regulates the amount reaching the earth’s surface.

In the suggestions for policy formulation contained in the 1998 Report, the Montreal Protocol’s Scientific Assessment Panel concludes that the fire extinguishing sector is the only one where a critical mass of further reduction of Ozone Depleting Substances loading could occur. Halon Decommissioning would also represent a contribution to the reduction of emission of greenhouse Gases. 

SHT® is is a specialist in Halon Decommissioning and it is authorized to collect, transport, stock, recover and recycle and reclaim used Halon gases. More than 2.2 million lb. of Halon has been safely decommissioned by SHT and 40% of that quantity has been destroyed. Moreover SHT is also authorized by the European Commission to import Halon for critical uses.