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All our World Distributors are UL Approved/Audited “Alternate Manufacturing Locations (AML)” for UL File EX 6264 that covers all SHTE® Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems. Such Companies are responsible for filling, leak testing, nozzle drilling and applying the UL Mark (cylinder label) on our systems. We supply them with the empty systems (cylinder assemblies and accessories like actuators, nozzles, hoses, check valves and other small components) and agents in bulk tanks.

They always keep stocks of our systems and fire suppressants. UL perform quarterly inspections at their sites, check filling logs, calibration certificates of filling equipment, make sure a leak test with a UL Recognized Leak Detector is performed on every cylinder, and that they follow other technical procedures as per UL requirements. Our world Authorized Distributors have all the tools to design our clean agent fire suppression systems, such as certified manuals and third party validated design programs.

Our Distributors have the UL Listed Flow Calculation Program and Manuals and have been extensively trained on their use to be completely independent from SHTE® Italy.


Authorized Distributors

SHTE is currently present through a network of authorized distributors with UL Approved Alternate Manufacturing Locations (UL AML) in Middle East, North Africa, Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia and South America. Distributors with UL AML are responsible/audited for filling, leak testing, nozzle drilling and applying the UL Mark on systems.

  • According to UL procedures

  • Leak testing of the valve/cylinder assemblies

  • Nozzle drilling as per flow calculation

  • Applying UL Mark on assemblies

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Yes, they follow the same filling and nozzle drilling procedures, so the quality of the systems is the same no matters where they come from.

Very quickly. Our local Authorized Distributors always keep stocks of agents and equipment.

Our Authorized Distributors have been extensively trained by our Team on the design, installation, and maintenance procedures. The flow calculation programs they use are third-party validated by UL. Should any of the UL certified calculation limits be exceed, they would not have the output.

The UL auditing covers filling, leak testing and nozzle drilling. Moreover, UL check the calibration of the filling equipment and instrumentation, like scale and pressure gauges, and the temperature of the filling area. Our Authorized Distributors can guarantee the traceability of any the components, from the cylinder all the way to the nozzle.

We have a good number of Authorize Distributors in Middle East, Nord Africa, Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh. New Authorized Distributors are going to be appointed.